About the Site

The look and feel of this site revolves around issues of technology, networks, Georgia Tech's leadership position in research and development of new technologies, and the city of Atlanta, the City amongst the Trees and a city known in science fiction circles as one of the inspirations for William Gibson's construct of cyberspace.

With the above issues in mind, the image on the home page is designed to resemble a tree, The upper green branches are a combination of images: a tree in the courtyard of Georgia Tech's School of Literature, Communication & Culture (LCC), cables & plugs (Apple laptop power, parallel& serial), the Georgia Tech Tower and the four-folded City of Atlanta (flipped, twisted and mirrored)

One section of the main image

The Atlanta skyline (and traffic)

Trees in the LCC Courtyard Tech Tower

There are (perhaps) many deeper interpretations of the four-folded city. This we'll leave open to you the viewer.

Steve Guynup
IDT class of 03

steve_guynup@hotmail.com   |   vr website
Steve Guynup is a leading and controversial designer of online virtual reality environments (Web3D). A seven year veteran in Web3D, he has presented at SIGGRAPH in 1998,1999 and 2000, won awards from Blaxxun and the Contact Consortium, and recently worked with 1996 Ars Electronica winner Andy Best on his Iceborg Project. Currently Steve is working on an SF story tentatively entitled Gray and pursuing a Ph.D in Communications at Georgia State University.